Orange Blossom Spiritual Water 4oz

Orange Blossom Spiritual Water 4oz

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Orange Blossom Cologne is spiritual water with magical properties related to better business and drawing in new customers, and good luck. This is perfect for business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and anyone that needs added blessings with their money. 

Place Orange Blossom cologne in a dish near the front door of your business, or on your altar, add it to mop water and mop your business (or office) floors. Add a small capful to you rose of Jericho. Dilute orange blossom cologne in a spray bottle and spritz yourself, cleanse your work space and work tools. 

This water is also great for anxiety, easing tensions, happiness, spiritual grounding, peace, and stability.

This listing is for one bottle. Each bottle is 4 oz 

** Orange Blossom spiritual water is NOT meant to be ingested**