Candle Instructions

Thank you for your purchase and welcome to the world of manifestation and intention setting.

Here are a few key points to remember:

  • Be specific. Ask for what you need from the universe in great detail
  • Be patient. Do the work necessary on your end and then forget about it. Watch for movement in your favor but do not stalk the results.
  • Give thanks. Always give thanks to the creator, the universe and your ancestors.


Before you light your candle, it is highly recommend that you cleanse your space of negative energy with a smudge stick (ex. sage or palo santo) and place the candle on a clean, level, fire resistant surface to burn. 

It is also suggested that you write out a detailed petition with the intention that you would like to set. What is an intention? An intention is the first step in the manifestation process and the desired outcome you would like to see after the candle burns out. Example, if you are desiring money to put down on a house, a better paying job or position, negativity at work to cease, peace in the home or rekindling the magic in your relationship, then write that in your petition. Keep the petition in a safe space while the candle burns.

Positive Affirmations: Studies show that reciting positive affirmations change your overall mood and mind frame. You may also create and include your own affirmations, or use the ones included with your candle purchase. Affirmations need to be repeated out loud.

***Please note that every candle comes “dressed” or infused with herbs and crystals specific to that candle to aid with your intention ***



Candle Care - Warning labels are located on the bottom of every candle, please adhere to those for your safety and the safety of others. Do not burn you candle for longer that 4 hours at a time, as the glass becomes really hot and may burn surfaces. The manifestation candles have crystals and herbs in them, and may spark/crackle when lit. This is a natural occurrence. Once your candle reaches the end of it’s life, snuff it out and properly dispose of the glass.