7 African Powers Incense by Hem

7 African Powers Incense by Hem

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The Seven African Powers are seven of the most potent and venerated Orishas. When the Seven are brought together in invocation and prayer, they will do amazing things for their people.

The Seven African Powers are these seven Orishas: Eshu Elegbara (also known as Papa Legba), Ogun, Obatala, Yemaya, Oshun, Shango and Oya.

It should go without saying that if you plan to invoke and work with the Seven African Powers for healing, abundance, fertility, etc. that you should approach them with respect and reverence. Understand the culture and people from whence the Seven African Powers came. These spirits, the Orishas, were brought to the Americas on the backs of the enslaved Africans. They’ve survived because of the culture. Have a respect and understanding of what the Orishas’ people endured and henceforth survived. If you don’t have respect for the African diaspora and culture, the Seven African Powers will not have respect for you!

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Would you like to learn more? Here’s the Source and reference: https://otherworldlyoracle.com/seven-african-powers/