Ancestor Money (18)

Ancestor Money (18)

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This listing is for 18 ancestor notes 

What is Ancestor Money?

Ancestor Money, also known by other names such as to spirit money, heaven/hell notes, and ghost money, is “money” that is burned as an offering to your ancestors to assist them with things they may need in the after life or spiritual realm. 

Burning ancestral money not only helps dissolve any financial debt that they incurred while being alive, but it delights the spirits when you give out of gratitude for the work they do on your behalf.

How do I use it? 

There are a number of ways in which you can present your offering to the ancestors. You may say a prayer before lighting, write a scripture or positive affirmations on it or simply burn as it.

Personally, I cleanse my space and altar before giving an offering. Sometimes, if I desire Spirit to do something for me, I’ll write my desired intention on the money before burning. Other times if I am giving an offering to express my deepest gratitude, I write words of appreciation on the papers such as “Thank You for ________” before lighting the money.

My spirit guides respond extremely well to this type of offering.