Copper Offering Bowl (Chakra)
Copper Offering Bowl (Chakra)

Copper Offering Bowl (Chakra)

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Offering bowls have been used for centuries for spiritual and religious purposes. Copper is a natural occurring metal known for its ability to electrical impulses and amplify the energy of what’s around it. 

Depending on the ritual, the offering bowl serves multiple purposes, but the common use is to offer something to the divine, our ancestors, spirit guides, or to God as a token of gratitude and appreciation. 

Offering bowls are commonly filled with water as it is pure and abundant on earth. But feel free to use this bowl to offer whatever you feel will please your ancestors ie money, herbs, crystals etc.

**Example: I use mine to hold coffee beans or fruit to offer my ancestors because my grandfather loved coffee before he crossed over**

This listing is for ONE copper bowl with chakra designs. 3” diameter, 2“ height 

Contents not included.