Smudge Bundle Kit (6pc sampler)

Smudge Bundle Kit (6pc sampler)

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“Smudge Sticks” are sacred bundles of dried herbs- like sage, cedar, palo santo wood or juniper- tightly wrapped together by twine. Smudging is the practice of burning the herbs for many reasons to include purifying the air, inviting positive energy and good fortune, and ridding a space of negative energy. 

We have bundled six of our favorite smudge sticks for you to pair with your candles. 

7 Chakra Sage: A white Sage bundle adorned and wrapped in multi colored rose petals, meant to represent the the chakras (energy wheels) within us. Use this during your rituals to cleanse and neutralize the area, bring positive energy, protection, and blessings.

Dragon’s Blood Sage: White Sage dipped in dragon’s blood resin is associated with protection rituals, purifying the air, attracting love and for spiritual cleansing. 

White and Blue Sage: Attracts money and abundance, prosperity, healing and positive vibrations.

Palo Santo A.K.A “Holy Wood”: Inspires creativity, cleanses the energy, attract love and good fortune. Inhale the smoke of this stick for an INSTANT calming affect. 

Lavender and Blue Sage Restores emotional balance and attracts loving energy. Cleanses and creates a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere. 

Sage and Eucalyptus combined effectively wards off evil and repels enemies who are troubling your home, job and self. Eucalyptus is also a natural antiseptic and disinfectant, while sage enhances wisdom, purifies the air. 
****Purchase an abalone Shell separately in the shop to safe burn sage and catch the ashes*** 

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Simply Amazing

My order shipped thre same day and was recieved in less than 48 hours! Everything was perfectly packaged, and amazing quality! I'm so excited to clear my space with this bundle! Forever a customer!

Beatrice H.
United States United States
Love it

Love having the selections for different occasions.

Soul Gifted Life

Yes ma’am. The idea was to give you a variety pack and I am so glad we were able to deliver that to you. Enjoy :)

Tracy K.
United States United States

Loved them all and they burned beautifully

Soul Gifted Life

Thanks so much! I’m glad this is working out for you and your spiritual journey.

United States United States
Smell is amazing

These all smell wonderful without being lit. I am excited to use them to cleanse my space! They came packaged beautifully and I am impressed with the quality of these products. Thank you!